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Jackie Deacon has been treating me with the Bowen Technique for M.E.   My energy level has improvedsignificantly.  Before my treatment my hands and feet were freezing cold due to poor circulation. Now they are constantly warm.  I feel that my general well-being is moving in a positive direction after many years of feeling unfit.


PB. London

I  am 74 years of age and have received treatment with the Bowen Technique which has greatly helped to restore  low energy levels following cardiac problems and which has also helped to relieve severe sciatic pain.  I am now feeling generally more active and am able to take the regular exercise necessary to maintain a satisfactory level of fitness.  


MW Finchley

I have been seeing Jackie regularly for reflexology treatments for a couple of years and it has really made a difference to my general wellbeing. Jackie is an experienced and intuitive practitioner and healer who immediately made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I have also had some Bowen Technique treatments that have had a remarkable effect on longstanding thumb and wrist pains. Jackie is trained in a range of holistic therapies and she introduces elements of these such as Reiki, Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Massage into my treatments as needed.


E.O. Muswell Hill